Uncle Josh Contemplates the Dark Side [Spoilers for Star Wars The Force Awakens]

Folding Vader
Folding Vader

This is one of my stocking stuffers this year. It’s designed by ArtFolds and it is almost two hundred pages of folding and dialogue from the movies. At the point pictured above, I have read through the prequel trilogy in quotes. At one point, reading this and folding paper has been a strange meditation on my current work in progress (it helped a lot, actually), the prequel trilogy, and The Force Awakens.
Something that has never been made clear in the movies is any explanation why some people are connected to the force and some aren’t, and why Hutts and Toydarians are immune to Force-fueled mental suggestions. (Midichlorians, you say? I deny they exist. They aren’t needed and open rather ugly doors).
One thing I remember about the early drafts is the Force was a thing, a physical thing that gave the wielder power. It was a prop. I think there was an idea that only certain people could use the prop, and even then only to their natural talents or training. This prop didn’t make it into the movies, but the remembrance of the thing is in the script. Even Vader, chasing Luke along the Death Star run said “the Force is strong with this one.” The presence of the Force surrounds individuals. I think this explains a few things if the Force is seen as a spiritual battery, and we can imagine that there is a finite amount of Force available at any given instance.
The Jedi were weak in the prequels because there were so darn many of them sharing about a third of the Force exclusively. Work with me here. The Force is always described as having a Light and Dark side, but some talents, pushing thoughts into people’s heads or hiding in plain sight, are practiced by both sides. Obi Wan uses “you don’t need to see his identification” and I think there’s an example of a Sith using it at some point. In the prequels there is mention of the Sith being able to mask their presence from the Force-sensitive Jedi, but both Kenobi and Yoda pulled that stunt for twenty years.
In the expanded universe, Luke met the Force-using Witches of Dathomir (who somehow lasted generations without being wiped out) and explained that it wasn’t particular spells that turned a good witch bad, but the intent of the spells. (It’s not specific spells, but all of them, I think were his actual words.)
Anyway, the Force is something the people tap into, and the well only lets out so much at any given time. There is a maximum of Force usage per second.
That’s why the Jedi were weak (dilution of the Maximum Force Potential) and why the Sith were so strong (the Rule of Two kept their numbers down. There were always more than two users of the Dark Side, but only one Master and one Apprentice. They kept the numbers low and it helped them amass the skills to be focused conduits of massive Force energy.
This is also my current pet theory about the “prophecy” that Anikin would bring balance to the Force. Darth Vader was steeped in the Dark Side. He could even forgo normal mind pushing because people were in general scared spitless of him, so he didn’t need to call on the Dark Side all that often.
At the end of his life, in killing the emperor, he rejected the Dark Side that had been accumulating, freeing it up for the next person looking for it. That opens a big door for Snoke and Kylo Ren, who appear not to using the Sith label.
The Light Side? Hey, Luke Skywalker is all over it. He’s going to find some students, he’s going to teach people. Nobody needs to tap into the Force because Luke’s on it.
Another form of Power imbalance. At some point Luke stopped teaching, the Light Side began to build up behind a metaphorical dam and found Rey, who was able to tap into it after some poking and prodding by Kylo Ren.
Kylo Ren, born Ben Solo, went past redeemable in my eyes. He’s not coming back. He’s not rejecting Snoke. He’s going down, and taking the Dark Side with him. Bringing balance to the Force at last.
Now that I write it all out, it’s purely bunkum. I don’t know if we can fix the Force.
Hopefully, the prophecy Lucas made up to get out of a narrative bind will go the way of midichlorians and be left behind.

This theory also explains why there is disdain for the Force even among the Empire’s Moffs and Generals. Palpatine probably didn’t tap into the Force because it no longer served his purpose. Yeah, he meditated and tried to foresee the rise of The Son of Skywalker, but in the day to day he could leave that potential energy to Vader.

I also think I know where Snoke came from. He was Vader’s apprentice. Darth Tyrannus trained Ventriss, and I think she survived the Great Mythological Culling (known as the Disney buyout). It makes sense that Vader would be looking ahead. Also, at he nd of episode three, Sidious mentions that Vader will be even more powerful than Sidious. It’s like thee is an unspoken goal of creating a human being who personifies the Force. Anikin is rumored to be from a virgin birth. I guess the idea is that Darth Sidious (or Pelagius) created life through the force and made Shmi pregnant. Crap. We need a prequel to the prequel just to get a proper explanation of why Darth Vader ever existed. I’m going with Force Personification.