Uncle Josh Annotates the Nicene Creed

An internet-friend of mine posted a link to this article by Anglican News, which discusses the filioque clause in the Nicene Creed. This is the formal name for the “and the son” bit that was added to “We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord the giver of live, who proceeds from the Father.” I’ve noticed it missing from the Creed a few times, but I had never stopped to question it until I read this article, and now I guess it’s time for me to post my personal corrections to the Nicene Creed. Right now there are five things I do not say: Through Him all things were made Jesus is, for me, a very human Jesus, not the Jesus/Word of God from the Gospel of John. For us and for our salvation In general, I reject the intercessory idea that we can’t be good by God unless someone Continue reading Uncle Josh Annotates the Nicene Creed