Uncle Josh Empties the Tank

I have been lax on my strength training lately. By lately, I mean the past two years or so. I get a good run of a week, maybe a month, of consistent workouts and then it stops, and I start over sometime later, usually by pushing myself too far too fast. Too far too fast is pretty much how I feel after trying the 500-Rep Unloaded Barbell Challenge from Men’s Health. I’m no longer a MH reader, but this linked entered my world and I thought I’d give it a try to kick start myself back into training. Yeah, stupid move for a fat guy two months shy of his 45th birthday. I’m not in great shape, and I’ve never been aerobic. We walked 600 feet to Starbucks after the movie yesterday and it hurt like hell. But, being an idiot, I tried this challenge. Everything is done with a Continue reading Uncle Josh Empties the Tank