Uncle Josh reviews Ant-Man

Today I finally let myself see Ant-Man. Short review: Fun Flick. Go See. Preview Review: Batman v Superman (or whatever): Yawn. Let’s criticize the wanton destruction of Man of Steel with wanton destruction. Star Wars Episode VII: Don’t break my heart. Please oh please do not break my heart. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: Won’t see it, because of capitalism. Goosebumps: Definitely for the Netflix queue. This looks like it will be fun. Slightly longer review: I don’t remember being an Avengers reader as  a kid, back whene there was really only one Avengers comic. When I returned to comics in adulthood* it was through Claremont and Davis’ Excalibur, and through that into the X-Men, and through the many years of X-everything and sort of disdain for anything “Team A”. I know some of the history of the Ant-Man character but not enough to be dogmatic. I know both Hank Pym Continue reading Uncle Josh reviews Ant-Man