Uncle Josh is a Geek

A quick follow up to the LiveJournal reminiscing during an otherwise busy Holy Week (two down, five to go!). I found my GeekCode block and have updated it: —–BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK—– Version: 3.1 GM/ED/MU d- s-:++ a+ C++ !U P— L ?E W++(+) N++ ?K w M+(+) PS++ PE– Y PGP t+@ 5+++ X+@ R+++ tv+ b+++ DI++ D+ G e+++ h— r+++ z? ——END GEEK CODE BLOCK—— Sadly, the Geek Code page is blank. The Internet Archive¬†does it’s thing. I have long wanted to build version 4, especially as our understanding of Geekery has expanded enough to call football fans wearing jersey in public “cosplay”. Maybe that’s just me. There is no room in the 3.1 Geek Code for the Geek of Sports, or the Geek of Athletics. The Geek Code is also biased towards Unix and Perl, instead of modern (or my preferred) language: Python. It also Continue reading Uncle Josh is a Geek