Uncle Josh Tries to Solve for X: Watching the second X-Men trilogy in a single day

Boxing day. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be about but in our house it usually means a movie marathon. We have a dearth of superhero movies in the theaters right now, and no Star Wars, and we are saving Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for New Year’s Eve.

So I decided to get caught up with the X-Men franchise which kept cranking out movies over the years and I kept thinking *yawn* each time except for Logan which was incredible.

Did it help trying to recall everything I knew about the X-Men comics? Not really. That kind of knowledge gets in the way of watching the stories Bryan Singer wanted to tell in this trilogy..

Did it help trying to recall everything about the first three X-Men Movies? Not really. That kind of knowledge gets in the way of watching the stories Brian Singer wanted to tell in this trilogy.

At least this is normal for X-Men. Multiple intersectioning timelines and sometimes even multiple versions of the the same character at different ages fighting with each other or along side each other.

The original trilogy came out before Iron Man, so the idea of a cinematic universe was probably planned and hoped for. I don’t think the idea of anything more than the series came up in planning sessions.

With all of the stories the comics available, they chose a few.

When they tried a reboot I think they made a few stupid errors. Messing with the timeline and when we introduce characters seem way out of whack and having three movies set 10 years apart filmed two or three years apart means everyone ages really frickin’ slow. I think the Marvel standard is three real-world years pass in a comic-book year, but I may be wrong.

There were parts of the movies I liked, but the overall affect was meh. Maybe too much backstory in my head interfering with trying to understand what these stories were trying to do. I didn’t like Days of Future Past relegating Kitty to a small role with apparently different powers. I think the original comic had a version of Rachel Summers and the rebooted movies hadn’t introduced her parents at that point.

Apocalypse was a poor choice for a villain, too. He’s too damned powerful and they could only defeat him with the Phoenix Force which has its own complicated history.

I guess I watched them for something to watch. I didn’t want to think and there was too much thinking trying to sort these movies out.