Uncle Josh on the Challenges of Gifts

The following is a short undated journal entry torn out of one the few billion Moleskin notebooks I have purchased over the years.

The first challenge of having a gift is accepting it. The second challenge is accepting acknowledgment for those gifts. The third is the challenge of feeling the gift abandon you in the middle of a tricky bit-a problem you to solve for the first time and every skill, every tidbit of knowledge goes away in a poof. You grasp for everything–anything–that may reveal a solution or a way forward. You find nothing.

Faith tells us that the answer is out there. The exact method exists. The precise answer exists. Maybe you have to make it up as you go along. That’s fine. Faith tells us to live without fear and the creative faith tells us not to fear our own failure because in the end the only failure is not trying.

I am not sure where I was in life when I wrote this, but it seems like one of those things I need to remind myself over and over again. Especially with NaNoWriMo coming up.